Earth Day Celebration

H5- Honor student potential for roles in the greater society: Teacher-candidates prepare students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society.

Every student has the  ability to make a a difference in this world . As  an educator, I must create an awareness as to what it means to be environmentally sustainable. Creating a learning experience in which students can explore the many ways in which their actions can create change, they learn that we are in fact an interconnected world.  It is though valuing our students ideas of creating a better world  that lays the foundations for great ambition. On Earth Day, I planned a literacy lesson that focused on the “Three R’s” of the environment- reducing, reusing, and recycling. At the end of the lesson in which focused on the words environment, sustainability, recycling, reducing, reusing, and pollution , I gave the students handouts asking how they could reuse an old milk carton.


Learning about the sustainability of our earth is important for children to understand. So often, children do not think about the effects that they have on this earth. As they grow older, they need to understand their responsibilities as citizens in this world. With an understanding of sustainability and the Earth’s need of help, I have increased my student’s awareness of the environmental issues. By creating solutions as to how to recycling objects normally thrown away, my students have began the process of contributing to a better earth.

The best part? By doing this lesson I not only learned that students can help, but are eager to! My students were beyond excited knowing that they have responsibilities in this world. They understood that the Earth is their home, and were excited to share ways to keep it clean not only for them, but for generations years from now.

I was beyond pleased with the student learning that happened as a result of Earth Day. Due to the student’s eagerness to help, we are now starting to collect recyclable materials for an art project. While planning the last field trip for the year, I would love to further their knowledge in the ways they can help this world by visiting and cleaning parks, visiting food forests,  or Earth Steward Garden and Farm.


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